Single Source in PowerPoint
 ADDIE - Analysis

In the fast pace economy of today, the development and maintenance of Learning Solutions needs to be optimized, without any loss in quality. This invokes the need to create a Single Source Learning Solution that reaches multiple generations. A Single Source Learning Solution that can be build with PowerPoint.
Target Audience
Learning Architects
Course Ware Developers
Subject Matter Experts
Basic PowerPoint Knowledge
Layer 4 - ResultsObjectives
Increase Performance
 ADDIE - Design
Layer 3 - BehaviorObjectives
Single Source Publishing in PowerPoint
Layer 2 - LearningObjectives
Optimize the PowerPoint Master
Create Custom Slide Shows
Create PowerPoint Actions
Create Triggered Animations
Narrate Slide
Publish a Handout
Publish an eLearning
Publish a VIDEO
 ADDIE- Development
Baby Boomer - FacilitatedDownload
Download PowerPoint Presentation Download PDF Handout
 ADDIE - Implementation
Generation X - IndependentView
View OnLine Training View Mobile Training View Video Training
 ADDIE - Evaluate
Layer 1 - ReactionEvaluate
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